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What is aligner treatment and how does it work?

Aligner treatment represents the most advanced and convenient approach to teeth straightening in the world of modern orthodontics. Although there are many reasons for choosing aligners, the most common reasons are:

• The transparent and, therefore, invisible approach that our aligners offer, ensuring your treatment goes unnoticed by others;
• Since tooth movements are gradual, with small amplitudes, you experience significantly less discomfort during your treatment compared with braces;
• The convenience of being able to remove your aligners when needed. You will be able to brush your teeth easily and thoroughly and eat any food you like without worrying about braces;
• As our aligner treatment is planned precisely and in advance, less frequent visits to the doctors are required compared with braces.

Treatment with our Ordoline aligner system addresses both dental and occlusal problems. This includes slight tooth rotations, small gaps between the teeth, severe crowding of the teeth, and large occlusal problems, to name a few. As each pair of our aligners are designed to perform specific tooth movements, they gently push your teeth into the pre-planned position. These movements are made possible by the plastic convexities and additional orthodontic auxiliaries we provide.

Each set of our aligners is usually worn for 10 days (this duration may vary depending on your doctor’s recommendations). When you change to your next set of aligners, your teeth gradually move in the planned treatment direction, with these movements persisting until the desired treatment result is achieved.

How is the treatment planned?

When you visit a certified Ordoline doctor, your dental and occlusal data will reach Ordoline team, who will plan your treatment in detail and accurately, taking into account your doctor’s instructions and your treatment expectations. When you visit one of our certified doctors, your dental and occlusal data will be sent over to the team at Ordoline. We are then tasked with planning your treatment in detail, taking into account your doctor’s instructions and your treatment expectations.

Ordoline will then draw up a treatment plan and present it to your doctor, who will thoroughly review the course of the treatment before showing it to you during your next visit. You will be able to see and evaluate your step-by-step treatment process created by our digital treatment planning program prior to starting your treatment. This plan will include every planned tooth movement and the anticipated treatment results at the end of your Ordoline journey.

Once your individual treatment plan has been approved by yourself and your doctor, Ordoline will make your aligners. At the next visit, your doctor will give you your first set of aligners. You will be required to wear and change these aligners as instructed by your doctor.

What are Ordoline aligners made of?

Our aligners are made of clear medical plastic and are completely invisible. This material does not cause any side effects or reactions in the mouth and provides a simple and convenient solution to aligners, allowing you to enjoy a normal life. Your aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours daily and must be removed when eating, drinking warm beverages and brushing teeth.

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