Invisible and effective teeth straightening

Achieve your dream smile with reliable, new generation clear aligners


We apply aligner treatment to 99.5% of all orthodontic cases

Thanks to scientifically-proven treatment protocols, a double quality control system, and a team of orthodontic experts, Ordoline has taken treatment with clear aligners to the next level successfully treating easy to even the most challenging cases.

Treatment steps

  • Distalization
  • Rotation
  • Proclination
  • Expansion
  • Extrusion

Why people choose Ordoline?


Why people choose Ordoline?

  • Scientifically proven treatment quality

    Treatment with Ordoline aligners is based on scientific research and supervised not only by your doctor but also by a team of certified orthodontists and scientists. This ensures the highest possible quality of your treatment.

  • Suitable for all cases

    All orthodontic cases can be treated with Ordoline. Even those, which before, were possible only with braces.

  • Invisible, comfortable and painless

    Keep smiling, no one will even notice you are wearing Ordoline aligners. Keep your daily habits, eat whatever you desire, remove aligners when needed, and best of all, experience no pain.

  • See your final results before treatment begins

    With the help of Ordoline 3D treatment planning technology, you'll be able to see how you'll look after the treatment even before starting it.


Successful treatment results

Join others who transformed their smiles with Ordoline.

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What Ordoline patients say

"What surprised me the most was that aligners straighten teeth so quickly. Another thing is that aligners are almost invisible, no one notices them."
"I have been thinking about straightening my teeth for several years already till I decided to go with Ordoline. It was convenient that there were only a few appointments with the dentist during the whole treatment. I could definitely recommend this method to busy people. When traveling, it is an indispensable thing that does not interfere with your daily life."