Frequently asked questions

Ordoline aligners

Ordoline aligners are made of clear medical BPA-free plastic. This material makes our aligners almost invisible, ensuring that you will be the only one who knows you are wearing them.

Our aligners will apply a gentle force on the tooth that needs aligning. This will move it into the correct position. During your treatment, additional auxiliaries may be required, including attachments, buttons or elastics, which will allow a stronger force to be applied, resulting in a greater movement of the teeth.

At Ordoline, we guarantee the highest quality treatment, with the greatest teeth straightening processes. We employ a broad scope of orthodontic tools that allow us to treat even the most difficult of cases, unlike other brands that only take on easy or moderately severe cases. In addition, a double control system underpins all of our treatment plans, with experienced orthodontists inspecting each patient strategy to ensure that you receive the best quality treatment.

Each set of aligners are individually cut, polished, and inspected by hand, with our aligners themselves being made from BPA-free clear medical plastic that is cut by your gum line to prevent irritation and ensure maximum comfort.

Last but certainly not least, all of our Ordoline treating doctors are thoroughly vetted and undergo an extensive certification and educational program to expand their knowledge and skills, providing you with the best treatment possible on your journey to a healthy smile.

At Ordoline, we believe we can treat all teeth misalignment and incorrect bite cases. As opposed to other aligner treatments on the market, Ordoline can treat cases ranging from easy to significantly complex thanks to our integration of a broad scope of auxiliaries and scientifically proven treatment protocols. Please see our ‘Treatable cases’ page if you’d like more information on the scope of patients we take on.

Ordoline aligners are made of medical BPA-free plastic, which is soft and completely clear.

Please visit our ‘Treatment Process page if you would like to learn how Ordoline aligners are made.

Scientifically verified and strictly controlled treatment protocols underpin our treatment plans at Ordoline. They were developed with the help of specialised scientists and renowned orthodontists to ensure the highest quality and efficiency, with these being continuously updated and upgraded. Our treatment plans incorporate various auxiliaries to guarantee that all teeth movements are as described. Moreover, each treatment plan is reviewed by an experienced Ordoline orthodontist to assure the plan’s validity before receiving final verification from your treating doctor. In addition to all the above, we vet all our treating doctors and work only with those who adhere to our treatment standards. Once approved, all Ordoline doctors go through an extensive certification and training program, and if your treatment does not go to plan, our team reviews your situation and updates the treatment accordingly to ensure your desired results are achieved.

Ordoline aligners are suitable for everyone who has permanent teeth. Young teenagers, adults and seniors have been successfully treated with aligners. If you’d like to see results from our previous patients, check out our “Before and after” page.

Unlike some other brands, we believe that teeth straightening, since it is an orthodontic treatment, must be done under proper supervision and carried out by a dentist. This ensures you achieve your desired results and are not mistreated throughout the process.  Only face-to-face visits allow doctors to conduct a thorough examination, monitor your treatment and perform any needed changes.

You can visit our “Treatment Process page, where you will find a vast amount of information on how our aligners achieve your desired smile. You can also discuss this at your initial consultation at one of our Ordoline certified partner clinics.

All Ordoline certified partners are vetted to ensure the highest treatment quality and client satisfaction for your aligner journey. Firstly, we choose specific clinics and doctors to partner with. Our criteria for these are establishments that have received a great client satisfaction score and orthodontic treatment results. Before working with Ordoline, each partner clinic undergoes an extensive certification and training program, with each doctor also being subject to an additional education program to enhance their knowledge and skills. We ensure that our partner clinics are adhering to our treatment standards at Ordoline through regular observation and analysis.


Before we even begin your treatment, you will be shown how your teeth will look at the end of your Ordoline journey. On your initial visit, your treating doctor will be able to show you your treatment plan, including the desired teeth movement of the final result.

An estimated 70% of the world’s population has crooked teeth and an incorrect bite; however, most people don’t realise or choose to ignore it. In severe cases, teeth straightening is necessary, whilst in more mild cases, where you solely have misaligned teeth or an incorrect bite, doctors still highly recommend treatment. Crooked teeth and an incorrect bite often results in several issues, including hygiene problems, pain, discomfort and difficulty eating, tooth decay, and low self-esteem, all of which can be corrected with our aligner treatment.

Treatment with our aligners is a pain-free process. The aligners work by applying a very gentle force to the teeth in order to move them. You may sometimes feel a slight tension for the initial hours following an aligner change; however, this should quickly subside.

Treatment with our aligners entirely depends on the severity of your case; however, the treatment process is frequently shorter than you would expect with braces. Usually, the treatment lasts between six and 18 months, with the results being seen immediately. Please find more information on the length of treatment of our previous patients here.

Yes, with ours aligners you are able to treat only one dental arch.

These ‘bubbles’ are called attachments and are used to treat medium to difficult cases. They shorten your treatment duration by applying a stronger force to the teeth, speeding up their movement.

In short, yes, these attachments are necessary to achieve your desired aesthetic and functional goals. Attachments and other auxiliaries enable aligners to work in a fast and efficient manner. If you were to use the aligners without the attachments, there is a high chance that you would not achieve your anticipated result due to the limited force that the plastic can apply on its own. Therefore, without these auxiliaries, you may not end up with aligned teeth or the correct bite, and the treatment duration will be significantly longer.

Orthodontists may offer you different treatment options for your case depending on their individual experience and expertise. This may appear as variations in treatment length, the instruments needed, overall cost, the number of additional procedures, and the final treatment quality and results. At Ordoline, our treatment plans are based on the number of years of experience that our dentists have and follow scientifically proven and strictly controlled treatment protocols. The plans themselves are developed by scientists and experienced doctors to ensure that all proposed options meet the highest treatment quality. We, therefore, advise that you speak with your doctor to get their advice on the right plan for you based on your desired results.

Treatment cost with Ordoline entirely depends on your clinic and the severity of your case. To get a tailored quote, please get in touch with one of Ordoline partner clinics.

No, Ordoline aligners are made in a way that makes it impossible for them to fall out. They neatly fit with your teeth.

Your oral hygiene and daily habits will not be affected by your Ordoline treatment. To brush your teeth, simply remove the aligner and proceed as usual. It is also an added bonus that aligners, as opposed to braces, do not result in the formation of any plaques.

With our aligners, you are able to continue your daily habits as usual, with no dietary restrictions being placed. You are also able to remove them as and when you need to.

At first glance, our aligner treatment may seem more expensive than traditional braces; however, the price is virtually equal or, in some cases, even cheaper. At the start of your aligner journey, you will pay a lump sum covering all treatment costs, including doctor visits and attachments. On the other hand, braces only require you to pay for the initial fitting of the braces; however, all subsequent visits, which are usually needed every four weeks, in addition to emergency visits and repairing the braces carry a supplementary price tag. If you sit down and compare the total cost of treatment for both options, you will see that the prices are very similar. Please find a more detailed comparison of aligners and braces here.

By nature, our teeth are always on the move. It is also worth noting that, after any orthodontic treatment, teeth can still move. Therefore, to fixate your teeth in their position, we advise that, for the first few months, you use a retainer. This will ensure that your teeth remain in the desired position. Included with your Ordoline treatment, you can choose whether you would like a thin metal wire retainer on the inside part of your teeth or an additional plastic aligner that will need to be worn at night.


Since our aligners can be easily removed, you can continue with your regular oral hygiene. However, we do recommend that you rinse your mouth after a meal or a snack before putting your aligners back in.

You will need to visit your doctor roughly every 12 weeks so they can check on your progress. At each appointment, you will also receive a new set of aligners that will be valid until your next visit. Please visit our ‘prices’ page if you would like an insight into how many visits previous Ordoline patients needed.

To clean your aligners, you will simply need a standard toothbrush and toothpaste. However, it is important to ensure that the toothpaste does not contain abrasives. Keeping your aligners protected is also essential, so please refrain from carrying them in your pocket or leaving them on the table. When your aligners are not in use, keep them stored in the provided Ordoline case.

Yes, you can remove your Ordoline aligners whenever you need. However, to achieve your desired results, aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours per day.

During your aligner treatment, you can eat and drink whatever your heart desires. Simply remove your aligner before eating and enjoy your meal. If you do not remove your aligners, ensure that you only drink cool water and do not chew any food.