A new generation clear aligner system for reliable treatment

Successfully treat even the most challenging orthodontic cases with minimum technical effort


We apply aligner treatment in 99.5% of all orthodontic cases

Thanks to scientifically-proven treatment protocols, integration of a broad range of orthodontic add-ons and a team of orthodontic experts, Ordoline has taken treatment with clear aligners to the next level successfully treating easy teeth misalignments to even the most challenging malocclusions.

Treatment steps

  • Distalization
  • Rotation
  • Proclination
  • Expansion
  • Extrusion

Why other doctors choose Ordoline?


Why other doctors choose Ordoline?

  • High quality treatment plans - No wasted time.

    Ordoline partner doctors receive thoroughly prepared and verified treatment plans based on scientifically proven treatment protocols.

  • Broad range of treatment - Minimum rejected patients.

    You will get predictable and accurate teeth movements even for the most difficult cases with the broad scope of in-house integrated add-ons.

  • Quality control by orthodontists

    With our experts verifying each treatment plan, you'll treat more confidently and face fewer complications. No matter the question, you will get instant clinical support and assistance from Ordoline team.

  • Easy and quick to start

    Starting with Ordoline is easy with on-demand, online and live courses, clinical and business support, fully verified treatment plans and a dedicated doctor portal. Our goal is to help you treat patients and not profit from courses.


Successful and predictable treatment results

With Ordoline you can provide complete orthodontic treatment and achieve accurate treatment results, giving your patients healthy and beautiful smiles in a comfortable and convenient way.

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What our partners doctors say

Dr. Robertas Kirlys
"I am very satisfied with the quality of Ordoline treatment plans. My time spent checking and adjusting plans has significantly reduced, so I can start treating the patient much earlier."
Dr. Andrius Pocevicius
"The flexibility of the system, the quality of planning, plus the fact that treatment cases are supervised by experts and orthodontists - there is probably no other option on the market that has all these qualities."