Good to know

New features on dr.ordoline portal

New feature 1: instruction for Doctors

This feature allows to have a side-by-side view of the patient’s treatment plan and a full treatment instruction for Doctor (what actions such as IPR and attachment placement need to be performed, when). This feature replaces IPR and movement table that used to be available in the images section.

New feature 2: toolbar

All new plans on dr.ordoline platform (prepared after Feb 25, 2022) will have an addition to the treatment plan interface – Toolbar, available on the right side of the screen in the treatment plan. With this toolbar you will be able to:

  • Turn attachments on / off, change to white and transparent.
  • Turn superimposition on / off (2 levels of transparency).
  • Turn the number of steps and/or comment (case number) on/off.
  • Turn ruler on/off.
  • Turn model split view on/off.

Feature 3: Doctor preferences

This feature is available in “settings” and allows Doctor to save preferences for all his or her treatment plans. Preferences include: general preference, anterororposterior correction, attachments, deep bite, Class 2 and Class 3 elastics.

If Doctor does not want to have specific preferences, clinical preferences by Ordoline consultants protocols will apply, after checking the “accept” box.

Feature 4: treatment plan “send to patientfunction

Doctor will now have the possibility to send treatment plan directly to his or her patient, who will get an automated e-mail with the link to the treatment plan visualisation. The name of the patient and Doctor will pop-up automatically, as well as patient’s e-mail address, if this address is entered into the system. Doctor can choose between English and Italian languages of this automated e-mail.

Feature 5: a more secure account

With the aim to ensure maximum protection of our patients’ healthcare data, we will implement an updated and more secure password policy. More information will follow up.