Good to know

Changes to the Platform Dr.Ordoline’2024

We are excited to update you on several enhancements that have occurred within our Platform Dr. Ordoline. In our commitment to enhancing your experience, we have implemented changes to the platform’s functions with a primary focus on ensuring your convenience and workflow efficiency.

Platform Dr.Ordoline

Regarding our platform, we have introduced a new feedback option – Quality Message – to address and resolve any issues promptly. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance our services.

Additionally, you may have noticed the option for transmitting patient information via CBCT files. This method is more convenient than email, ensuring the confidentiality of patient data.

We have made adjustments to the Replacement Aligners ordering process for operational efficiency. Please remember to select a reason for replacement. Ordering duplicate aligners or replacements for lost aligners incurs a fee. In cases where aligners have quality issues, please provide clear details, and the replacement ordering will be free of charge.

Due to the increasing volume of cases, we have introduced an option to archive cases. Once you finish a case, it will be saved in a folder on the left side of the menu bar and kept there for at least five years.

In the Refinement ordering option, we have added an IPR supplement. Please indicate whether changes were made or not.

Also, we now offer the option to order aligners after a relapse. If a patient fails to use the retention aligner as required, this aligners set is available at these prices:

New color and text coding for the pontics

Dark blue – this color is an indication that the pontic/pontics will be included into the aligners and the form will be as shown in the treatment plan animation.

Light blue – this color is an indication in the aesthetic region that the pontic/pontics will be included into the aligners only for certain steps, since the amount of space will be changing during the treatment.

White (light pink) – this color is an indication that the pontic/pontics will not be included into the aligners and are added to the animation only for visualization. These pontics also have a text on their buccal side “ONLY FOR VISUALIZATION”.

Updated Replanning naming system

Introducing a new system to track plan corrections. Each correction is denoted by a letter and number (C1, C2). For first plan corrections, they will be labeled as 1ST C1. If two plans with different strategies are sent, corrections are labeled accordingly (1ST C1, 2ND C1). If only one of the two plans were supposed to be corrected, then it will be easier to determine which plan corrections were uploaded. If Dr. requests another alternative plan, it’s labeled as 3RD.

Same principle will be applied to Refinements:
REF 1.1 (first version of the first refinement)
REF 1.1 C1 (for example, some movements had to be corrected – reduced/increased)
REF 1.1 C2 (for example, in the following task some staging corrections were requested)
REF 2.1 (first version of the second refinement)
REF 2.2 (second version of the second refinement since Dr. requested to change the strategy of the refinement / significant setup modification-alteration).