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MEMOTAIN lingual retainer

Ordering process:

For Ordoline to process your order, we kindly ask you to perform the following steps

Fill out order form (please click this link: online order form).


Send information about the current upper and lower jaw situation of your patient:

  • If you have STL file, send it via 3Shape Communicate system or via wetransfer* to *Since STL files are big, please send them via, which is free of charge and does not require any account creation.
  • If you have silicone impression or high quality dental model, send it to Ordoline premises (A. Vivulskio g. 7-200, Vinius LT-03162)

Requirements for STL files and impressions:

Example of proper scans

Production and delivery timelines:

  • When STL files that meet all requirements, have been submitted – production time is 7 working days.
  • When impressions or dental models that meet all requirements, have been submitted – production time is 8 working days.
  • If you ordered a retention device which is not available to produce, the design must be approved by the Doctor and alternative plan shall be decided upon. The production will take up to 6 working days from Doctor’s approval. The Doctor will receive a PDF file with the retention device design, which Doctor will approve or rejected.

If there are problems with the quality of impressions or STL files, we will notify Doctor on the day of quality check. The production timeline will then be postponed until new prints / STL files are received or information will be presented as valid / validated or non-adjustable.

Product warranty and requirements:

  • The product has a 2-year warranty.
  • If the product breaks, it is necessary to provide a new scan of the patient dental situation, to make sure that the new retainer fits the patient’s teeth well. A photo of the broken retainer would be helpful, though not necessary. We will send all information to the manufacturer.


Memotain retainer prices:

  • 99,00 €/piece (before VAT) when dental model is sent to Ordoline;
  • 89,00 €/piece (before VAT) when a data file is sent to Ordoline.

Ordoline retainer (aligner) prices*:
*for non-Ordoline treated patients and / or when additional retainers required

  • One arch, 1 unit – 35 € | Two arches, 1 unit “retainer set” – 60 €
  • One arch, 2 units – 60 € | Two arches, 2 units “retainer set” – 100 €
  • One arch, 3 units – 85 € | Two arches, 3 units “retainer set” – 140 €