Good to know

Improvements for your and your patients’ comfortability

We are thrilled to share some news with you regarding a few developments that have taken place within our Ordoline aligners set. We’ve listened closely to your and patients’ feedback and researched to identify areas where we could enhance functionality.

Ordoline set renewal

We are excited to introduce a new addition to our aligner set – the Ordoline hook! Listening closely to feedback from doctors and patients, we have designed a special tool which will help to put on and remove aligners, as well as make it easier to wear orthodontic elastics. The hook will be included within a white Ordoline box.

New smaller boxes

Also, we created a smaller Ordoline paper package for the second part of aligner shipments. This update aims to reduce transportation-related resource usage.


Starting February 1st, we will exclusively prepare only electronic invoices, which will be delivered via email. By eliminating paper invoices, we hope to make a positive impact on the environment.