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Ordoline 3.0 – Experience the Next Generation Aligner Therapy

At Ordoline, we continuously invest in research and product development to empower dental professionals to deliver the most efficient aligner treatment possible.

Today, we are proud to introduce Ordoline 3.0. This comprehensive product update encompasses a variety of cutting-edge enhancements designed to improve treatment accuracy and results, patient outcomes and comfort, and overall efficiency for practitioners. Explore the cutting-edge features and benefits of Ordoline 3.0, available starting May 15th, and elevate your dental practice to new heights.

01. Advanced Multilayer Plastic for Optimal Treatment Accuracy and Results

Ordoline 3.0 introduces a state-of-the-art multilayer plastic material, featuring an elastomer core and hard-elastic shells, to replace the current plastic material used in aligner production. This new material offers numerous benefits for both aligner performance and patient comfort.

  • Consistent aligner pressure force throughout the duration of aligner use, leading to improved treatment results
  • Reduced aligner deformation for increased treatment accuracy and predictable tooth movement
  • Enhanced elasticity to minimize the risk of aligner breakage
  • Decreased initial pressure force for an improved patient experience during the initial hours of new aligner wear
  • Increased patient comfort throughout treatment due to the softer material
Material force distribution in the first hours

02. Refined Aligner Cutting Line for Efficient Tooth Movement

Ordoline 3.0 presents an updated aligner cutting line, transitioning from a scalloped to a straight cutting line, along with an accelerated aligner change protocol for more efficient tooth movement. Aligners with the new cutting line greater will be able to generate greater force to facilitate even the most challenging tooth movements.

Gingival scalloped and straight-cutting lines

03. Accelerated Aligner Change Protocol

With improved plastic material and refined aligner cutting techniques, we’re updating Ordoline treatment protocols. The new protocols will allow for aligner changes every 10 days instead of 14, without any negative impact on the quality of the treatment. Patients will experience shorter treatment duration and faster results.

04. Expanded Aligner Batch for Enhanced Convenience

To further streamline the treatment process and save valuable doctor’s chair time, Ordoline 3.0 provides an expanded aligner batch for dental professionals. The number of aligners per batch will increase from 8 to 10 in light cases and from 16 to 20 in standard and advanced cases.

05. Ordoline Kids: A Specialized Aligner Treatment for Growing Patients

Ordoline Kids is a tailored treatment plan designed specifically for growing patients, offering a comprehensive two-phase treatment approach for optimal results.

  • Customized treatment protocols for growing patients
  • Two-phase treatment approach:
    • Phase 1: Creating space for permanent teeth and developing arches
    • Phase 2: Aligning permanent teeth

06. Comprehensive Relapse Treatment Option

Ordoline 3.0 include a specialized treatment option for cases of orthodontic relapse, ensuring continued support and effective solutions for patients following treatment with Ordoline aligners.

07. Exclusive Fast Track Service for Experienced Practitioners

Ordoline 3.0 offers a Fast Track treatment planning option for dental professionals with extensive experience in aligner therapy.

  • A dentist will have a dedicated digital dental technician assigned exclusively to work with them on treatment plan preparation
  • Adherence to practitioner-prescribed treatment protocols and strategies for seamless collaboration
  • Treatment plan quality control for tooth movement predictability

08. Streamlined Typologies

Ordoline 3.0 introduces three new treatment typologies which will replace the current ones, catering to a diverse range of patient needs and allowing for more personalized treatment options. Treament of one or both arches is available within each typology

  • Ordoline Basic: Up to 10 aligners
  • Ordoline Standard: Up to 20 aligners
  • Ordoline Advanced: More than 20 aligners

Ordoline 3.0 is poised to redefine aligner therapy by offering advanced treatment options, improved patient comfort, and increased efficiency. Adopting Ordoline 3.0 will not only enable your practice to provide exceptional aligner treatment, but it will also help your patients achieve their ideal smiles with greater comfort and efficiency. As the field of aligner therapy continues to evolve, Ordoline is committed to remaining at the cutting edge of innovation, ensuring that dental professionals and patients alike can experience the best that aligner therapy has to offer.

Reach out to your sales representative today to discuss the latest updates and elevate your aligner treatment offerings.