Treatment results

Thanks to the scientifically proven treatment protocols and orthodontic expertise, Ordoline has raised treatment with clear aligners to the next level successfully treating easy to even the most complex malocclusions. People of all ages with permanent teeth have undergone Ordoline treatment and now enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile.

  • Severe crowding

  • Deepbite

  • Openbite

  • Extrusion

  • Crossbite

  • Crowding

  • Case 1

    Sofia had several issues that she and her Mom wanted correcting at the beginning of her treatment, including teeth crowding, teeth misalignment, and narrow arches. The estimated treatment will take 12 months and address all of these issues, giving Sofia a new smile. Currently, she's on the 10th month of her Ordoline journey.

  • Case 2

    Before treatment, Adam had several small gaps in his teeth on both the upper and lower dental arches. In addition, several posterior teeth were misaligned. Using Ordoline aligners, the treatment process took eight months to achieve his desired results and smile.

  • Case 3

    In some instances, to achieve desired results, an interdisciplinary treatment approach may be required, as was in Rita's. Her treatment incorporated several techniques, including dental veneers, gum plastic surgery, lip correction, with the Ordoline orthodontic aligner treatment as the foundation.


What our doctors think about Ordoline

Dr. Robertas Kirlys
"I am very satisfied with the quality of Ordoline treatment plans. My time spent checking and adjusting plans has significantly reduced, so I can start treating the patient much earlier."
Dr. Andrius Pocevicius
"The flexibility of the system, the quality of planning, plus the fact that treatment cases are supervised by experts and orthodontists - there is probably no other option on the market that has all these qualities."