RECORDING AVAILABLE. Webinar 2: Aligner indications and workflows

RECORDING AVAILABLE. Webinar 2: Aligner indications and workflows



This course discusses the indications for aligner treatment and equips participants with the knowledge to appropriately determine if aligner treatment is suitable for their patients. Participants will also learn how to carry out the first consultation. Moreover, this webinar provides an in-depth overview of the aligner workflows that doctors manage and patients undergo, giving an insight into the processes from clinical and digital perspectives. At the end of this course, doctors will be able to successfully incorporate these workflows into their practice.

After this online course, participants will:

  • Understand the possibilities that aligner therapy presents;
  • Comprehend how to assess the difficulty of each case;
  • Decide whether aligners are the appropriate path to achieve optimal treatment outcomes for a given clinical situation;
  • Understand digital and clinical workflow of the Ordoline aligner system;
  • Understand the patient journey steps, including all procedures from the initial consultation to the completion of the treatment;
  • Learn how to perform the first consultation with the patient and obtain the needed patient records.

This webinar is in English.

This webinar is a part of Ordoline Academy-Essentials webinar series. You can register for this webinar only or subscribe for the entire webinar series. More information is available here.

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